Monday, April 29, 2013

[Sid] Mini Muggs 2013

I must say it has been a long while since I last updated my blog, I have lots of customs in the works, most of them being projects for my personal enjoyment.  In this post you'll see a couple mini muggs I recently finished for customers. Two minis from the Lantern Corps, Hal Jordan and Swampthing for Dammkidd, Wario for the Lazman and a mockup of ASU's Sparky for a upcoming commission. This past year has been very busy for me outside of the vinyl toy world. Enough of that, I am currently caught up in any past orders and on track with new orders. Im revved up and ready to go! I will be taking commissions starting next month. Now Ive had quite a bit of emails come in from people/customers/fans who asked about commissions or other website related questions I will be updating my blog this month, major over-haul! So anyone who has emailed me in the past few months and has not gotten a return yet- I will be sending out emails all this month to touch base with you guys!
Here are some pictures of my recently finished customs! A thanks goes out to Laz and Dammkidd for their incredible patience!
Green Lantern & White Lantern Swampthing

Warior for the Lazman

ASU's Sparky Mockup (mix of old and new mascot)

Just a reminder I will be updating all of this month ( May) So look for new pics, new pages, new prices! Also little factoid- customs #234, 235, 236 respectively. 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Hotrod mini-mugg

This is custom number 233 for Laz from the MMF, this is my version of the transformers Hotrod. I enjoyed working on this guy and I hope you guys like what you see. Ive got a couple projects Im currently working on- but before I get to that, here are some pictures of Hotrod finished.

I am also working on a great deal of side projects for myself, Some of them include resculpting and painting over some of Sid the Kid classics, such as, Hellboy and Bigdaddy/Hitgirl.  I am also working on a mini bane and some others.. But I also have a couple commissioned orders such as- Wario and Hal Jordan (Green lantern) and Swamp Thing (white Lantern) Here are the mock ups for those three guys..

Friday, August 3, 2012

What's going on?!

There are a lot of things happening for Sid the Kid and his custom Play Ground- things a'changin'! I am very excited to get back in the swing of things and pumping out new customs and some in a brand new way! I recently bought myself an airbrush set- Have yet to test it out but very excited! I also recently had a business card idea brought to life by Jason Tech- Who brought my vision to life! I am excited to share these pictures with you- Ill have cards in hand within the next two weeks.




I also have been busy with little side projects while I finish of hotrod, here is a base I recently finished for My mini Venom with retractable jaws :).

Amgonst the Hotrod mini I sculpted two other Muggs, one in which is a mini.  The mini is Bane from the new Dark Knight movie- He is sculpted and primed but still needs to go to paint and details. As for the other custom is from the popular video game series Splinter Cell/ Sam Fischer. I am really excited about both customs- I am trying to Get light up LEDS for Sam's night vision Goggles. Here are some pictures! 

And last but not least will be Hotrod, Next time ;) 

Heavy Metal 2000

This is art based off the cover art by S. Bisley of Heavy Metal 2000, the character is Julie and she is custom #232. She is a mini mugg with lots of little details. I am currently working on a base for her to stand tall over a mound of dead bodies guns shields and plain old war aftermath, its based off of other Heavy Metal concept art by the same artist. Im really excited for the over-all finished product on this one, here are some pictures- Enjoy!

Base: sculpted and Primed to PAINT!

The Next NEW custom will be a Mini Hot Rod.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Halo Reach: Jorge

This is custom number 231 this was a free custom part of my 2011 promotion- This was made for Bakes Jorge from the popular Halo video game series, I went all out on this guy- I Hope you guys like him and enjoy all the details- Thanks for everyone who voted for him in the Sci-fi clashathon- He got 2nd place! :) enjoy!

Next Custom: Juliee Heavy Metal 2000

Brother Boar Predator

This is custom number 230- Brother Boar made for bazookaman, really enjoyed making this guy- I hope everyone enjoys it! trying to push myself and get better with each custom and I think this guy is an example of that!

Next Custom: Jorge from Halo Reach!