Sunday, July 24, 2011

Spawn: Angela Munny

Hi everyone, I finished this lady up a couple days ago, I started her a long while ago about 3 months? I finally had some time to sit down and put some work into her and I must say I am pleased with the results.  I really enjoyed working on the larger kidrobot base, I really like how easily the figure comes apart.  My favorite part of this custom is the Spear I made to go with her. This marks custom # 190! :) 10 left to go!

Next Custom: who knows? I will have a Hawkgirl mighty mugg done real soon but Im entering that in a contest so it can not be posted until next sunday! But Ive been working on a side project of mine as well that could possibly be finished up in the next couple days. stay tuned! :) 

SALE!! Captain Rex and Galvatron SALE!!

Here are two other Sale items I finished up the other day, Galvatron and Captain Rex (personal likeness) These figures were both purchased thru my $50 sale.  These are customs 188 and 189! 10 customs left untill I hit my 200th mark- this month marks 2 years since I have started customizing toys!

Next Custom: Spawn- Angela Munny

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sale Orders: Optimus Prime and the Warriors: the Furies

Here are two customs from my sale I had a couple months ago. I just finished up four, so tow more will be posted shortly and now I have one sale order left- thank goodness! :) ON to other customs finally! haha These are customs number 186 and 187!

Next Customs: Galvatron and Cap Rex (personal likeness)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dark Knight: The Joker

This is an alternate version of joker, a fellow member was nice enough to make a trade with me, he wanted a joker I wanted some mugg fodder. It all worked out in the end, his request was the purple suit, playing card and a big ol' gun. Im pretty happy with the way this guy turned out- I wish I could have got some better pictures/ different angles before I shipped this guy away.  So all I have to show you are these three pictures below, this is custom #185!

Next Custom: The Warriors: The Furries

Street Fighter: Ryu

This was a custom ordered from my $50 sale, this is Ryu, I guess you could say the battle damaged Ryu, I was going to enter this guy into a contest but, this character was already taken, snarf. Anywho this is custom #184.  Hope you guys like! 5 more sale orders to go, almost there! 

Next Custom: Joker Alternate Costume

Nightmare Before Christmas Minis

Hi everyone these two customs were done way back in may I believe and never got around to posting them on my blog, these two minis are apart of an ongoing collection of Nightmare before christmas characters. These two characters are Harley Quinn demon (dunny) and a possessed Christmas toy (capsule).  These are customs #182 and 183.

Next Custom: Ryu from Street Fighter!