Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Orange Lantern Corps: Lex Luther

These two minis are based off the BL: Blackest night series, the two characters are Lex Luther (orange lantern) and Batman (black lantern). These are both Mini-mighty muggs and both are for sale, Lex is custom number 212! :)

Next Custom? STAY TUNED!!


This guy was made from a kidrobot toy, I turned this bad boy into a slug, slug warrior to be exact.  A group of my friends all bare the name SLUG in our gamer tags, and all of us make up the SLUG NATION. Here's my ode to the slug warrior! This is custom number 212! This guy features removable shield spear and helmet. :) I really like the way this guy came out- His name is SLUG THUMBS (well thats me!)

Next Custom: BL Lantern Corps Minis

Adventure Time: Daddy Why did you eat my fries?

This is from a favorite cartoon of mine, adventure time, the two characters are Marceline the vampire queen and finn.  These two are from a certain episode enter the nightosphere, Finn beat boxes while Marceline sings a song about her way-ward daddy! These two customs are made from an Astro boy toy and a capsule toy( customs number 210 and 211! )

Next Custom: ELLO SLUGGIE!

Star Wars: Chewbacca, Wicket & Trooper

These are a couple customs I made for fun, the 3 characters are Chewbacca (dunny) popping out the top of an ATAT walker, and two Disney Vinyls Wicket (ewok) and a storm Trooper. These are customs number 207 208 209! 

Next Custom: Adventure TIME!!!

Stay OFF the Grass!

This is a custom dunny that I popped the head off and turned into the balloon, the actual head that sits on the body was fully sculpted by me :) If you couldn't tell its a chameleon whose walking his pet rabbit, he's not to bright, that or he just didn't see the signs warning him to stay off the grass. This is custom #206 for me :)

Next Custom: Star Wars Mini's 

3 Ghosts of Batman

Hello everyone these are three orders I had took back a couple of months ago I finished these up a couple weeks ago. I am very happy with the turn out of these three, the characters are BATBANE, BATCOP & BATDEVIL.  These are customs number 203, 204 and 205!