Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Empire Strikes Back: Boba Fett

Hello everyone- Im back with another Boba fett- This is number 2 but with a different spin, even though there are still similarities between the two. This version is features the empire strikes back costume, when my original one was from the Return of the jedi outfit! Both Fetts still have the same weapons and stand, but this one features a clothe cape instead of a sculpted one! Hope you guys dig it none the less! This was also part of my sale orders, just with an up-charge due to the stand and casted fett rifle. I still have one more fett to make as part of a trade with the good old Doc! This custom is number 131! 

Next Custom: Metal Gear Solid [Old] Snake

Slave Leia

This was a custom I had finished about a week or so ago, another one from my sale orders- this is Princess Leia in her slave costume.  I went astray on this custom, If you recall the original mockup, It seemed a little manish, so I repainted the face several times until I came across with this one. I am much happier with the out come of this face and the custom itself. I hope you guys like it as well!  This is custom number 130!

Next Custom: ESB- Boba Fett

Adventure Time Minis: Finn & Jake

Hey everyone! Sorry I've been a little MIA this past month or so, Its been a crazy November! Tis the season for holiday cheer and bare minimum of free time! Not to mention the season for sickness, ugh I caught the flu on top of recently getting one of my last chemo treatments! Wooo-whoo!! Im pretty excited the end is near! Anywho amongst getting sick and chemo I recently finished moving out of my old apartment, so I've been strapped for free time! But Im back in action- going to be pumping out the last of my sale orders and holiday gifts, some trades and a couple ones created for my own personal enjoyment!

Also another quick side note- My last custom I sent out (Mara Jade) got lost in the mail for literally two weeks before it got to its final destination, which was only one state over.  So Im now including confirmation numbers with all orders!  Now onto customs number 127 and 128,  Custom Finn ( Marvel Capsules) and Jake (Mini Mugg).

Next Custom: Slave Leia

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mara Jade [Star wars]

I recently just finished up this custom as part of my $50 sale. I only have a handful left till I'm all caught up with my orders, I might even have another sale. Never can tell any who This is Mara Jade from star wars, Im not entirely familiar with the character myself, but the owner has a large collection dedicated to the character. Hope you dig it, I included my sig on the back Custom Number 127

Next Custom: Slave Leia