Monday, April 29, 2013

[Sid] Mini Muggs 2013

I must say it has been a long while since I last updated my blog, I have lots of customs in the works, most of them being projects for my personal enjoyment.  In this post you'll see a couple mini muggs I recently finished for customers. Two minis from the Lantern Corps, Hal Jordan and Swampthing for Dammkidd, Wario for the Lazman and a mockup of ASU's Sparky for a upcoming commission. This past year has been very busy for me outside of the vinyl toy world. Enough of that, I am currently caught up in any past orders and on track with new orders. Im revved up and ready to go! I will be taking commissions starting next month. Now Ive had quite a bit of emails come in from people/customers/fans who asked about commissions or other website related questions I will be updating my blog this month, major over-haul! So anyone who has emailed me in the past few months and has not gotten a return yet- I will be sending out emails all this month to touch base with you guys!
Here are some pictures of my recently finished customs! A thanks goes out to Laz and Dammkidd for their incredible patience!
Green Lantern & White Lantern Swampthing

Warior for the Lazman

ASU's Sparky Mockup (mix of old and new mascot)

Just a reminder I will be updating all of this month ( May) So look for new pics, new pages, new prices! Also little factoid- customs #234, 235, 236 respectively.