Tuesday, May 25, 2010


A few of my favorite things..

Sorry that the pictures are all jumbled, but here is a mix of progress pictures! This is my custom weapon-x, He comes complete with retractable claws, light up visor, and velcro backpack! This was a custom made for personal interest and took just about a month to complete! I sold this one to Dr. Mugg I hope you enjoy him pal!

Next Custom: Belle

Blue Beetle

This custom was made for Laz to join his Booster Gold I made awhile back.. Hope you like! Oh yeah and a sneak peak at my weapon X, who was sold to Dr.mugg! :)

Next Custom: Weapon-X


This was a custom I did in roughly two days, I made her for a tag team contest on the mighty mugg forum, I entered for fun, with a good friend of mine rocketboy so I used this as an opportunity to try out something new. I used craft foam for her hair, Im not sure how successful it was but at least I got to use this as a learning experience, enjoy!

Next Custom: Blue Beetle

Rudolph the Red nose reindeer set

This set consists of 3 different types of vinyl toys to make one unique set of characters from Rudolph the red nose reindeer movie! Bumble ( mighty mugg), Hermey (vinyl aggression), and Rudolph ( kidrobot's raffy)! This set is for sale if anyone is interested!

Next Custom: Mera

Disney's Aladdin: Jasmine

This was a custom I did about a month ago inspired by disney's Aladdin! This mugg features all paint no sculpt and took a bout a day to complete, Hope you like!!

Next Custom: Rudolph the Red Nose Reign-deer Set