Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Venture Brothers: Brock Samson

This was a custom I made for a trade with my old roommate (Ev Jones) We recently had moved out of our apartment and we headed back home, him to NY and me to NJ. Any way He made Me Rod from "Hot Rod"-Awesome movie if you haven't checked it out! I made him Brock Samson, the Venture family body guard, from the adult swim show Venture Brothers- If you haven't seen it-Its an awesome show! He wanted Brock portrayed from a certain episode - Victor. Echo. November. In the episode their is a hit on the venture family by the guild- and Brock runs around the house naked killing off all intruders. When Brock was asked "Why are you Naked?" This is how he replied- "To prey on their fear, move like an animal, to feel the kill!" This is custom number 147 for me.

Next Custom: Arcee or Poison Ivy

Monday, December 20, 2010

X-men: Dazzler

This was a custom started by Laz- We made a trade, He wanted me too finish off two muggs for him that he had started. the first one being Dazzler and the 2nd one being Poison Ivy, on a side note, If you haven't seen Laz's Xmen Collection its awesome- All characters are done by me  Anywho here is my take on the lady, enjoy  This is custom number 146!  

Next Custom: Poison Ivy, Brock Samson, Or could it be Arcee

Merry Miniatures Wave 3 (Dunnys)

Here is Wave Three. Dr.Doom (removable Mask), Carnage, and Storm Trooper! These three were ordered by Mellowmutt Mhpgear1 and Bakes. I hope you guys like them! Remember there is one more wave to go-All mini muggs, Antman, Brainy Smurf and Kratos! And Merry Christmas everyone! These are customs number 143, 144, 145!

The Dr.Doom features a removable mask and cape/cloak.  
Next Custom: X-men: Dazzler

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Merry Miniatures: Wave 2

So here is wave number two consists of Donnie (tmnt), Carl(athf), and cookie monster. I made the donnie and carl for fun they are avaliable for sale $35, if someone would like both, you can snag both of them for $50! Wave 3 will consist of all dunnys, Carnage, Storm Trooper, and Dr Doom! Thanks for looking and enjoy!  Customs number: 140, 141 and 142!

The carl was made from a paticular ATHF episode, heres the link:

Next Custom(s): Dazzler or Merry Miniatures: Wave 3

Merry Miniatures: Nightmare b4 Christmas wave

This is the first "wave" of miniatures, Jack (capsule), Sally (dunny) and Behemoth(capse). These were all made for Laz, I owed him a dunny custom from a trade and he got two capsules from my "Merry Miniature Sale!" Merry Christmas! and a cooked goose for everyone! haha Anyway this is the first wave there will be three waves all together! Thanks for looking and thanks for participating in my sale! Customs number 137, 138 and 139!

Next Customs: Wave 2 of the Merry Miniatures! 

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Ghost Rider

Do you guys remember the time where Ghost Rider was a Ghost with a flaming skull, who wielded a chain and rode a a flaming motorcycle, talk about badass?!
Then they ruined him with possibly the worst movie of all time!? Its up there with Daredevil- Casting in both movies HORRIBLE!? I will forever hate you NICK CAGE AND I WILL FOREVER HATE YOU BEN AFLALACK ?! For ruining two of my childhood favorite comic book characters! Anyway- This is my attempt to bring back the badassness of Ghost Rider- this custom features sculpted boots, spikes jacket, skull & flames. This custom was made for my own personal enjoyment- I've been wanting to make one for awhile and make Ghost rider the way I remembered him. enjoy! (this is custom is available for purchase of $75.00) This was custom number 136!

Next Custom:  Arcee/ Dazzler

Friday, December 3, 2010

Merry Miniatures Sale!

For one week only I am having a custom sale where you can get either a custom Dunny or Capsule toy, with minimal sculpt, free shipping in the USA for only $35.00! Now this sale last for one week only and there will only be seven spots (I will also be posting this on the MMF)- So the spots might fill up fast! Thanks to everyone who participated in my past sale and to those who choose to take part in this one Feel free to email me (siddneynj@yahoo.com) or comment on this thread if you are interested!

1. Mhpgear1-dunny-Carnage (paid)
2. frogman Customs-capsules- jack skellinton & friend (paid)
3. Bakes-Dunny-storm trooper
4. Josh (non-forum)-capsule-cookie monster (paid)
5. Mellowmutt- dunny- Dr. Doom (paid)
6.TheStarDXR- Minimugg- Antman
7.IYG- Minimugg- Brainy Smurf (paid)



This is indeed a flip-face Metroid custom! this was ordered by a non-forum member, he actually ordered twice from my sale (Metroid & Full Metal Alchemist) Im almost threw with all my sale orders, all I have left is Arcee! Some future customs you should expect to see: Carol (crazylikeafox) Claire redfield (TOMuggs) Dazzler, poison Ivy (laz) Warmachine, kratos-mini, cobra mechsuit, ghost rider (personal interest) Oh and Brock Samson (evjones) So I have plenty to keep me busy! Anywho I also took a picture with three video game characters I've tackled- Snake, Earthworm Jim and custom number 135, Samus! Hope you guys like her, I had a blast making it! 

Next Custom: Dazzler (x-men)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Zombie Spiderman

This was originally an Astro Boy (the movie) toy that you might have seen at toys R us, currently on sale for roughly $6.00. I picked up two of these for customs cause I like the layout and proportions of the body and I always love a good excuse to make a zombie! I had made this guy a couple weeks ago, posted it on the forum and then totally forgot to post it on here.. I know I know, I'm getting careless! haha Anyway I hope you like my take on this character, this was made for the fun of it! Im sure it will double as a great christmas present! :) 

This would be custom number 134 :)

Metal Gear Solid: Snake

Hello everybody, this is [OLD] Snake from the Metal Gear Solid video games: This custom was a two person project, Dr.mugg hand crafted the [awesome] removable knives and sculpted most of the mugg. Then the good Ol Dr. handed it over to me and said do with it what you will and I was like okay?! THANKS?! haha So this is our love child, haha. No but really the dr. had started this awhile back for Are-Jay and that fell thru and he gave it to me to finish off. Anyway I added the sculpted mustache, cig, hair and bandana tail. I had alot of fun painting this guy i chose to go with greyscale for no real reason, It just made me think of the old school MGS so I stuck with it. I hope you guys like it! CUSTOM #132!

Next Custom: Toss up!? muahahaha