Monday, August 30, 2010

$50 Custom Sale!! One Week ONLY!!

Hello everyone I am now offering a sale for one week from August, Saturday 28th to September, Saturday 4th!  There is three days left to get your order(s) in-  Orders are made in which they were received! I have received plenty of feedback so far and I know a couple of you are still in the deciding stage don't wait, after this sale is over the base price of the customs go back up to $75 dollars- Don't miss out on this great deal! Also Thank you to everyone who has participated so far!!


Thursday, August 26, 2010

[Darth SIDeous] Emperor Palpatine

  So I was walking through walmart- and what to my wondrous surprise do I see- but a Emperor palpatine and its all for me! $9 bucks so I bought him, I actually had a craving to make this guy the other day and bam he just shows up!? So I started this guy last night and worked on him today-Sculpted face and hand, Robe made out of fabric(felt). Being evil never looked so SIDeous! He's for sale if anyone is interested-Thanks for looking, oh and I decided to take a pic of all my Custom star wars muggs I have in my possession!

NExt CusOm: The Maxx!

Evil Super Woman: Crisis On Two Earths

This was a character from Justice League: Crisis on two Earths, her name is EVIL super woman! In the cartoon she is as tough as nails and quite the flirt.  She actually kicks batman's keister real good in the cartoon.  The movie was awesome, and in the movie there is a group of alertnate/evil super heroes called the Crime Syndicate. The group includes evil versions of wonderwoman, flash, superman, green lantern and batman.  This custom is part of a set for a good buddy of mine Laz, He also hired other customizers to help make the set (in order of the characters listed) Me, Gooey chicken, Matcandraw, Dr. Mugg and Irulan.  Im real excited to see all the characters together once finished.  On a side note I entered this mockup into the Project Mayhem Contest on the MMF, it didn't last very long But in addition to this mockup, I also entered a Dr. Doom unmasked mockup that features the new SDCC Flip face iron man Mugg. That mockup is still in the contest , its now in the third round down to only four contestants! Check it out and if you like it vote for it! 

Next Custom: The Maxx # 2

My Back Pack has Jets, I'm Boba the Fett

I bounty hunt for Jaba Hut to Finance my vett, Wicky Wicky!! This is one of the most notorious bounty hunters of all time, Boba Fett! I'm Boba the fett, my back pack got jets! This guy was created for personal interest, I had a little help from the good ol' doc- Thank you for the Rifle & the sweet Imperial Stand! All sculpt work and paint applications are done by yours truly! I've had this guy in the works for the last two months, he took the back seat when I got diagnosed with the whole cancer thing- but now that I've gained my strength back I finally completed him. I am more than satisfied with the final result of this guy and I hope you guys enjoy him too! Thanks for Looking and thanks again Doc!

Next Custom: Evil Super Woman from Crisis on Two Earths

100th Custom: The choice is yours!!

       Awhile back in preperation for my 100th custom, I started a thread on the that called upon members to come up with ideas of characters they might like to see customized for my 100th custom. Out of all the ideas, only five would be chosen, Mock ups for each of the five characters would be made.  Than out of those five characters the forum members would vote to see which one would be brought to life and customized into a Mighty Mugg. The poll ran for about a week, with a total of 43 voters, it was a neck and neck race mainly between two of the characters:

         It was a close one but in the end Lobo sneaked away with the victory, here are the five pencil mockups of the characters.  Lobo's mockup will be brought to a color finished before the actual mighty mugg is started.

        As some/most of you may know This project was sidelined due to my health issues (cancer/surgery) So I was forced to put this project on the back burner, but now that I have regained my strength and have been feeling better each day, I am excited to start on my colored mockup followed by the creation of custom 100! The only thing is, it is no longer custom 100 I have since then completed four other customs ...So Lobo would now be custom 104! Either way I am excited to have surpassed the 100 mark in just one year since I joined the forum and started customizing vinyl toys. I want to also extend thanks to everyone who participated in this little project of mine and to remind Chard 5000, VNR, & Gooey Chicken that you all will receive copies of the mockup of your submitted character! I will update this post with the colored Mockup of Lobo once he is complete! ( I will also post it on the mockup page, the link can be found at the top of this site.)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Night Wing

This is the third mugg I have finished since my original leave of absence, I haven't been on blogger as much as I use to, or posting customs as much due to my health problems. This custom was sculpted by Laz this is the last mugg I had to finish for him. For those who don't know the story, I was given three muggs that were sculpted by Laz but do to injury he could not finish them... So as much as I would love to take full credit for this guy I can't all I did was paint him! This guy was real fun to paint, I had a blast finishing up all three of these customs and it was a nice way to ease myself back into painting... Some might not know but almost 3 weeks ago I was diagnosed with cancer (non hodgkin's lymphoma) because of this I have not been able to do what I love, customizing. The last couple weeks have been stressful, tiring and well.. the only way I can put it, a struggle.  Since then I have received my first treatment of chemo and since then I finished 3 customs, wonder woman, cat woman and this guy, night wing!

Next Custom: Bobba Fett

Cat Woman

If you read over my latest Wonder woman post you will know, that I was given several muggs that had already been sculpted by Laz, he was unable to finish what he started due to an injury. So he asked me If I could finish the job by painting each of three muggs. So like before I would love to take all the credit for this custom, but I cant for laz sculpted everything on this babe... I just painted her! I used adam hughes catwoman as my reference.. Im happy with the way she came out, this is the 2nd custom I've finished since my little leave of absence! 

Next Custom: Night Wing

Wonder Woman #2

Hello all, it's me sid coming to you live from the hospital bed! Jk jk Im actually staying at my sister's where i have a spare room to stay in that comes complete with a desk and ample space to customize from! This was the first custom I have completed since spawn(since I was diagnosed with cancer) Now I would love to take all the credit for this custom but I can't... Laz sculpted everything on her and all I did was paint her! You might ask why? A while back Laz had started several customs and Injured his thumb and was unable to paint, so he asked me to finish them off for him.. so without any more hesitation here she is...

Next Custom: Cat Woman