Artists Against Cancer

November 30th, 2010
Where has the time gone?
It feels like yesterday when I was all just learning about my recent diagnosis with cancer.  I didn't know what I was going to do to coup with this new situation of mine, but here I am 4 months later, going strong! During these past four months I've learned lots of things and was given lots of different opportunities and chances! Most of them having to do something with my art- I had a huge fundraiser and gallery show- in October, also I've had much more free time to focus on my art work and custom toy making! I wanted to use this post as a stepping off point to some new things im trying! Over the 130 customs Ive done, Ive had several that I incorporated lighting features- I want to continue and try new things with LED Lights and venture into new realms of sculpting.  In the past month I even tried sculpting something purely on my own with out a vinyl toy base and its coming together nicely! So I wanted to take this time and this post to show you some pictures from the Artists Against Cancer fundraiser! It was a great time- A great turnout and a great way to gather up friends and family! The fundraiser displayed both art and custom toys, featuring live music, food and Drinks! The benefit itself raised over $6000! Way to go everyone who was apart of it, wether it was donating toys, art, time, money! Thank you all so much!

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010
      Today was my third treatment of chemotherapy- sigh- although the actual treatment itself isn't bad or painful its the next couple days I find a little rough.  Going to the hospital isn't that bad either, I get to see familiar faces, My Doctor and the Nurses, who all are just lovely, kind, energetic, joyful, they really make you feel more at ease. Amongst those familiar faces I saw my aunt Betsy, one of my mothers longest/oldest friends.  She is a cancer conquerer- she's had cancer several times in her life- she recently found out she has stage four breast cancer.  She told me that she has to come in for chemo once every week, with the occasional week off for the rest of her life. Sigh. Its absolutely heart breaking to see someone you love, some one close and familiar to you, having to go through something so emotionally/ physically draining.  Now I know what my parents felt like when they were told I had cancer- its a hard pill to swallow- and now being a chemo patient and understanding what you have to go through to recover and get well. It just makes me realize how lucky I am and how much stronger she has to be, how much stronger I have to be and suck it up when I feel low. Although I've said it before a lot of good can come out of the bad- I hope that statement stays true! I wanted to take this time out to ask all of you who have prayed, kept me in your thoughts, texted, called, sent letters to also keep my Aunt Betsy in your thoughts and prayers as well! I truly appreciate everything that you all have done for me- It means a lot knowing that people care and it really does change the way I feel-daily- you all are truly awesome! Thank you so much!

I also wanted to take this time to show you the Bracelets that were made specifically for the Artists Against Cancer fundraiser- These will be sold/given out during the weekend long event/fundraiser.  Also if anyone is interested in making a donation- I will gladly send a bracelet in return!!  Feel free to contact me via email-

Saturday, September 11th, 2010
        It's been a while since I first wrote an entry on here, Im two chemo treatments in and about six to go.  Im starting to think these next four or five months are gonna suck, haha.  Since the last time I wrote here things have changed, first off Im totally bald- Now that takes some getting use to- It's not really a big deal is just weird dealing with.  I mean I'd much rather be bald then to watch my hair slowly fall out- now that was really weird. Since then I've gained my strength back and actually felt like a normal person for about a week until I had to go in for my 2nd chemo treatment.  I will admit I was a little nervous going into it, but this time it was so much easier.  The first treatment went on for a span of three days and they gave me a shot called neulasta (increases the growth of your white cell count) I really felt like crap the next day it was horrible! This time it was all in one day, from 8am-2pm? and they didn't give me the neulasta shot- which was awesome! I did feel quite nausea for a week and lost taste to some extent, but its side effects of the chemo.  Im finally starting to feel a little better where I have the energy to do things and go out.  I keep myself pretty busy with customizing toys- I finished off three in the last two days and have plenty of orders to keep me busy for the next couple weeks.  I also just wanna say thanks for the continuous support- it really helps pick my spirit up! 

Thursday, August 26th 2010
          It's been over a month now since I first learned that I had cancer. The next few weeks were very hard and hectic.  I had received test after test, surgery, hospitalization and my first round of chemotherapy.  Four or five weeks ago I received two different surgeries, I had a biopsy and a incision under my sternum to drain fluid that had build up around my heart.  The surgery went well it took me roughly three weeks to recovery from the aches and pains, I still am not fully recovered.  Two weeks ago I received my first round of chemo that spread over three days of hospital visits and it went well. I felt fine until the day after I seriously felt like I was going to die, but the amount of pain was to be expected.  Since then I have finished four customs, it feels good to be back at my trait and getting such rave responses from people! It makes me very excited to know that people had missed my work and continue to enjoy it! I really love customizing, it kinda relaxes me and puts me at ease.  So it's been two weeks since my first treatment and my 2nd round is literally only days away.  I don't know if I feel scared or if Im just nervous, part of me doesn't want to do it in hopes that I don't have to feel that same way the day after.  Of course the other part of me knows I have to go through with it in order to get better I really have no choice in the matter.  Like most cancer patients I finally have started losing my hair, today being the most noticable, It was 6am and I had awaken from my slumber- I scratched my head and when I pulled my hand down a clump of hair came with it.  Its scary, I knew it was going to happen but its just weird seeing you hair fall out. I know in reality it isn't that big of a deal because luckily it all will grow back, just a strange thing to go through.  One thing is for sure its great to have so much support from everyone, friends, my family, co-workers even strangers- its a great feeling to be cared for.  You know getting cancer is a horrible thing but like most things it's truely a blessing in disguise.  Its given me some time to think about everything in general, its also brought me closer to my family and to others that I hold close to me. Such is life you take the good with the bad and you make the best of it, thats what I try to do each day. I just wanted to say thanks to everyone, for all your thoughts, prayers, letters, calls, texts and your generosity- it means the world to me!  Speaking of time and generosity- I recently had found out that a fund raiser is being thrown for me & my fight against cancer.  Another blessing out of this horrible ordeal, I will give everyone more info when I recieve it, I will also update this page from time to time. Thank you all!