Mighty Mugg: Mock Ups

This page is dedicated to the art before the art, it all starts with a pencil and paper.  Mock ups are very important, they allow the customer to see my ideas, so any changes can be made before any real work goes into the mugg itself.  I generally try to make this my first step to customizing a mugg because it allows me to try out several different variations and layout the character design.  Plus drawing always has been a passion of mine and it gives me a good excuse to play with markers, haha. 

Black Lantern Aqua man.

Spawn #1

The Lorax

The Maxx #1

G.I.JOES: Road Block


X-Men: Long-Shot

Wonder Woman #1

Black Widow

Rouge #1

X-Men: Psylocke

Avatar: Neytiri

Zombie Spiderman

Zombie Magneto

Zombie Moon Knight


Sin City: Marv

Zombie Doc Ock

Spawn: Angela

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

Evil Super Woman

Spawn & Head Variants 

Power Puff Girls & Mojo jo jo

Dr.Doom: Project Mayhem contest Winner!

Cookie Monster

Boba Fett ESB

Yoda Personal Likeness

Mara Jade

Slave Leia

Green Goblin


Punisher Noir

Transformers: Arcee

Full Metal Alchemist

Metroid: Samus

Star Craft: Zealot

LOTR: Uruk-Hai

So when I go through the process of creating a mock up, I start with a pencil, This allows me to rough sketch, erase and make changes. Next I line or ink the drawing itself, erase the pencil marks, now I have a clean surface to color in.  Inking the picture allows me to go over with (Prisma-Color) markers without it bleeding. I hope you enjoyed looking through these mock ups and remember to check back for new ones!

Sid the Kid