Each match up will be 24 hours! Once the 24 hours concludes the muggs in round one that beat out their opponents will advance to round 2. Those same muggs will continue until the end of the tourney. New pictures of the muggs can change! If you’d like to update your entry picture let me know and it can be done rather easily.

The artists who made the entries will be named after the competition has completed. ENTRIES CAN NOT BE DEBUT"D ON INTERNET PRIOR TO CONTEST. Any mugg that has already been published online will not qualify. Mockups that have been posted on the internet of the mugg you plan to enter are acceptable. It's the mugg itself that needs to be unseen by the masses.

1st place- Custom Mugg by [Sid]
2nd Place- Custom Dunny by [Sid]
3rd Place- $5 Paypal

WHO's IN!?