Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Batman Villains: Bane & Catwoman

These are two customs I wanted to do for fun and because these two villains will be featured in the new Dark Knight movie. These two are for sale as a set, pm if you are interested! I am really pleased with the turn out of these guys and I am proud to say these are customs # 201 and 202! ( trying to catch up to you Mat! haha)

"The Worm" Dennis Rodman

This is for my main man D Rodman- one of the craziest/wacked out/ weirdos of professional sports but also one of the greatest defensive players ever.  As most of you may know he was recently inducted into the Hall of Fame. So I did this custom to show my love I still got all his basketball cards  This is my 200th custom since I started customizing on this site! Much love guys and yes the card comes with the custom  enjoy! 


This was a project I started awhile ago, Basically I wanted to make a diorama to recreate a level Of Donkey Kong  So I used two dunnys and a shadow box and now you have a 3- dimensional piece of art work you can hang on the wall  Hope you guys like! These are customs #198 and 199! 

Space Jam, Star Wars, Flap Jack

These are three very different customs, two of which are made from Capsule toys and the third a Mickey Vinylmation. These all were made for my personal enjoyment and all three are for sale. The three characters are Spacejam ( a little alien race called nerdlucks), A mickey mouse Storm Trooper, and Flapjack (dressed up like a fish.) These are customs number 195, 196 and 197!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bebop & Rocksteady

This is a set I started awhile ago and finally got around to finishing it, this set features I hand painted/sculpted base with working light fixture. Two little add ons that make this set/diorama special to me are the incorporation of original ninja turtle (toy) accessories.  The City sewer shield and the canister of Ooze.  Both figures were sculpted with Apoxe sculpt.  I really enjoy this set these are customs number 193 and 194.

Next custom: 3 ghosts