Tuesday, September 22, 2009

EarthWorm Jim And Snott




This was a custom I did for myself, IT is the character EarthWorm Jim and The mugg comes complete with ray gun and His back-pack dwelling friend Snott.

Next Mugg: Spawn

Friday, September 18, 2009

The complete Science Ninja Team

This is the group all together finally finished!  This group of custom muggs will now be part of the collection of Laz, a customer and a friend!  I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed working on them! From left to right in the picture below: Ken, ryu, Jinpei, Jun and Joe!

Next Custom Mugg: Is A Secret :)

Wampa: With dead Ton-ton base!

Well This is my version of the Wampa, some say he is a little too much, That he no longer is a mighty mugg, that it's no longer suitable for children.  Well it's not, Im not sure If you all are familiar with Hasbro's version of the Wampa, But let me tell you this, In the movie, that thing didn't look that cute and cuddaly, It was a mean blood drenched snow beast that would rip you apart.  So thats the way I wanted to portray it :)  This mugg comes with a base I made, as you can see its a ton-ton that was disemboweled and you can even put his guts in the Wampa's hand, for a little interaction! haha :) Sorry for it being so graphic, I got a little carried away!

Next Custom Mugg: Gatchaman: SCIENCE NINJA TEAM!

Ken: Gatchaman- Science Ninja Team

This was the last member left to make on the Team, His name is Ken and He is the Leader. Im glad to finally be done with this set, Although I know virtually nothing about the series, I must say I am very happy with the way they came out and I also enjoyed making a series of muggs.  I cant wait for the next one, From what I understand I might be commissioned to do a whole set of characters from Futurama.  I am also going to post the team in all their glory later on, Enjoy!

Next Mugg: Wampa & Base (This mugg is a real killer) haha

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"Chewie and I will check it out, you two stay here."

This next mugg was purely just spare of the moment. I was working on some commissions and I got a little bored So I threw on StarWars: A New Hope and I got a New Idea, I've been wanting to make a Chewie for a while and I was in the comic store yesterday I bought the dismantled c3p0 toy thats on Chewie's back! I hope you enjoy, he was quite fun to make... enjoy!

Next Custom: Gatchaman- Ken

Jinpei & Ryu from Gatchaman : Science Ninja Team

Hello, Im back with the 3rd and fourth members of the Science Ninja team, Jinpei & Ryu!  I was working on these two back and forth.  As you can see in the very last picture the Squad is almost there all they are missing is Ken, their leader! All the Science Ninja Team Customs are going to a forum member and buddy of mine, Laz.

Next Custom is the final member of the team: Ken

Monday, September 14, 2009

Joe: Gatchaman- Science Ninja Team

This custom is Joe from Gatchaman, its the 2nd addition to the team out 5!  Three left on the list to make Ryu, Jinpei and of course Ken.  Be on the look out for all three!

My next Custom Mugg is Ryu from Gatchaman!