Wednesday, March 3, 2010


So this custom started off as just a pen sketch in my notebook, than I showed a friend and he was like I want that, So I made a Mockup the rest you can see for yourself...

Next Custom: William Wallace from BraveHeart

Booster Gold

Booster Gold- this was a custom finished for Laz from MMF. I really enjoyed working on this guy, didn't take very long, I got wrapped up in him and it kinda flowed out. ( thats what she said hah) Im not actually familiar with this character myself but I think he turned out pretty well. Hope you guys do too!

Next Custom: Pyslocke- Complete with start to finish Pictures.

Gollum Vinyl Agression

This is another VA made for Laz from MMF, He took advantage of a special I was running, Any character Customized into a Va of your choice for $30.00. Not to many people took advantage of this great deal, but it's cool most people like the Mighty mugg customs ;) I use to hate these guys, but their not so bad after all! Next va to come is Jake Sully from Avatar!

Next Custom: Booster Gold

X-men: Rouge

This was a custom for a returning customer, another babe and it wont be the last. This was made as a gift for his girl friend. Sculpted hair/face/jacket/gloves/female parts.. haha

Next Custom: Gollum (VA)

Black Widow: Sid's Babe Line ;)

This was a custom made for a forum member and friend of mine, Pikey. This is Black widow complete with Custom Mugg pistol, She's a babe ;) I enjoyed working on her I don't normally do custom accessories but It was fun, I like guns, haha.. Hope you guys enjoy!

Next Custom: Rouge

Xmen-Sentinel: Blizzcon Noob

This was ordered by a forum member, these Toys are really great.Let me know what you guys think, first noob custom, sentinel from x-men with button activated light/cannon...

Next Custom: Black Widow

Zelda Windwaker: Link Vinyl Aggression

Hello all, this is my very first Va custom, He's almost done I have to clear coat him and touch a couple spots up. This custom was done for the fun of it, but he will be for sale for anyone who wants him just Pm me. Remember I have a special going on until supplies last.. I already have two orders not many left...

Next Custom: Blizzcon Noob: Sentinel