Saturday, October 22, 2011


Hello everyone-
Its about that time where I offer you a chance to get a Sid the Kid custom of your very own at a discount price! This will be my forth sale I've held and I must say you guys always keep me busy! On the Regular size mighty muggs Ive had 10+ orders each time and for MY merry Miniatures sale I believe I had 5 orders of minis other than Mini muggs, this is kinda like the merry miniatures sale except this one is exclusively for Mini-muggs. This sale includes one custom with minimal sculpt and paint application for $35 dollars (includes shipping in USA only).  The process - through out the process of the custom you will receive a hand drawn mockup, update pictures ( sculpt, prime, base coats, details and final stages) The difference from the last sale is there will only be a few spots available this time, so its first come, first serve! Ill be taking orders for one week only starting today and ending next weekend. The deadline is Halloween unless all the spots fill up before than- If you are interested just email me at (Anyone who has taken part in my 2011 Free stuff PROMO- Ordering in this sale will get you a free mini mugg, not regular size!) Also I have set the bar at 5 spots, unless i have multiple orders from customers, Ill open 5 more spots!  
Thanks in advance and remember You can order one two three or four- Its okay to be like the slug -
Mini Mugg Sale List

1. Frogman- Antman
2. Frogman- Baby Peach
3. Dammkid- Battle Damage Samus
4. Luther- Freddy Kreuger
5. Bakes- Robin
6. Bakes- Azrael Batman
7. Bakes Azrael
8. Dammkid- Walter White
9. Yodanews- Gabby Wizard (Personal likeness) 

Previous Mini Mugg Customs


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Zombie Captain America and Spiderman

Hi everyone, I showed a couple shots of these guys on display at my local show this past 1st friday. Here are some better pictures of the Cap and Spidey. Cap America is a mini-mugg, he is for sale $45 and the Spiderman has a removable mask, he is $65, both of these customs were made out of 2011 SDCC Exclusives! These are customs #213 and 214- Thanks for looking! 

Whats NEXT? 
I am currently working on some other commissioned orders: Jonah Hex, Commissioner Gordon and Cylo. At the same time I am working on several personal interest pieces, Heavy Metal 2000 with base and an Aliens Diorama.

Royal Pain Tattoo shop: Zombie Themed Art show

This past first friday (October 7th) I was part of a show at a local tattoo shop in Lancaster called Royal Pain Tattoos Located on the corner of North Prince street and Harrisburg Pike- It was all zombie themed so I submitted several of my illustration pieces and custom toys. These are some customs They you might have seen before and some you might have never seen. I hope you guys like what you see so far- I will post more pictures once I get my artwork back from the tattoo shop it was held in. So here are pictures from the show.. If you guys see something you like its all for sale, except the (Astro boy) zombie spiderman and BL batman- Those two are already spoken for. The other things are Zombie Weapon X, Ash from Army of Darkness, Zombie Captain America, Zombie Spiderman, Zombie Hulk, Zombie BL firestorm and Let me know what you guys think good or bad, custom toys or my illustration work- The four close up of the zombie drawings are mine, there are other paintings and different forms of art work being displayed which I also took pictures of. It was a good night free food free drinks and a chance to display my artwork-Thank you guys for letting me be part of the show and everyone else thanks for looking!