Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Flash a-ah
Savior of the Universe
He save everyone of us
He's a miracle
King of the impossible

He's for everyone of us
Stand for everyone of us
He save with a mighty hand
Every man every woman
Every chill-he's a mighty

Just a man
With a man's courage
Nothing but a man
But he can never fail
No-one but the pure at heart
May find the Golden Grail

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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Zombie Dare Devil

I painted this guy for shits and giggles, I needed some practice on painting some zombies~BUt I hope you guys like it, Sculpted horns,veins, suit tears, hair and chest, with foam belt. This is what I think the Daredevil would look like as a zombie. This guy was created for my personal collection, Daredevil was always one of my favorite superheroes and I just wanted to add a new twist to the character! Enjoy!

Next Custom: Flash 3 part Set

Bumble: the Abominable Snowman

This guy's name is Bumble, he is from Rudolph the red nosed rein-deer the movie! He is an abominable snowman Covered in hair! He will be the first character of four to be made from the movie. Next on my list are.. Rudolph, Hermey and Yukon! I would hopefully like to keep these characters together as a set! Hope you guys enjoy!

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Blackest Night: Star Sapphire & Scarecrow

Here are two customs from the blackest night series, Scarecrow & Star Sapphire. These two customs are for Rocketboy and in return he is giving me That Sweet BANE and His Arch Angel custom! I think I'm making out like a bandit! So originally I was suppose to be making Rocket a Poison Ivy, and one day I was showing him a mockup for BN scarecrow that I was going to do for myself... and to make a long story short here he is! This guy was made with a combination of sculpt and foam.. Rocket really like the idea of having rings giving off energy.. So there is a heart shape for compassion and then a crow/vulture on scarecrows for fear... Any who I HOPE YOU LIKE HIM!!

Next Custom: Bumble

Avatar [Neytiri]

This Is Neytiri from Avatar, this was a custom done for a buddy of mine Laz. This custom took several weeks, below you can see the progression of the mugg itself.. Im very happy with the final outcome of the piece and so is laz... Looks like there might be a Jake sully in my near future, you never know! Enjoy!

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