Thursday, July 30, 2009

Gambit's Card Trick!

This is another Commissioned work, that was also a tag team contest entry on a last minute decision! See here's the story it just so happened that Pikey was in the Contest and his partner backed out.  And the rest I guess is just luck or fate, He was making juggernaut and I was working on Gambit, Similar field. Why not team up!? We might had this one in the bag if It wasn't for the stiff competition! Everyone had great ideas and awesome work! Voting is running until Monday August 3rd, so there's time to vote for us, Marko and LeBeau: Eleventh Hour Associates!  He is an awesome Mugger and the best teammate! Looking forward to working along side him again! Take a Look at our entry picture!   He also created the logo and the photo entry!

Now a little about Gambit and his card trick!  On this Mugg I started with a Han solo repaint! If you noticed the feet are the same ;) muahahaha!  Anyway I took some step by step photos of the layering process Starting off with the first coat to the last!

And for My last trick Check out the Final product and His Cards( made out of real playing cards!)  Cards are posable and removable!  This Mighty Mugg is now part of the collection of Laz69frog!

A Colossus Commission!

This will be the first post where I can actually show you a more step by step progress for Colossus.  When I am customizing I tend to start with blank mugs, but those aren't always the easiest or cheapest to find! So in the case I'll get my hands on some clearance muggs and just paint right over them!  If your working with a blank mugg it is best to prime them, or at least that is what I do, I usually use grey, or a neutral color! I usually start with the face when focusing on the painting.  The face is most important other then any additional custom pieces you add to the mugg itself.  I like to work in layers and build up from a base. Which you can tell if you pay attention the way the body is handled.   I usually do anywhere from three - five coats on each given area.  I mix a lot of colors it increases the dry time. I work quickly, creature of habit I guess, use to the whole deadline thing. So anyway Im rambling, on to some pictures of the finished Colossus!

This Guy is now in the Collection of Laz69frog.
My next post will be My Tag Team Entry. Gambit!

Watchmen. The Rorschach Test

My next post was inspired by the Movie WATCHMEN.
If you cant tell from the title alone, the Character I chose to portray was Walter Kovacs also know as Rorschach.  In the picture to the left you see Rorschach unmasked with a handie little flash light. You can also see he's a little banged up!  I notice in the movie, besides the fact that he is a total badass, that his identity was key.  None of his friends even knew what he looked like under that mask.  I also saw that their were several Rorschach mighty muggs done already so How could I make mine different?  First none of the other ones portrayed him as Walter and none of them made his mask removable :) Muahahahahaha!  I aslo stole the Indiana Jones hat and gave it to him.  

I made His mask out of an ankle sock, that I cut in half and then sowed together.  I also made another as well, with a different ink blot face on it for a little variety!
This custom is also for sale!  Now onto some Commissions, to be specific my very first Commission, a Colossus one at that!

MEGA MAN: Complete with Box!

This Mega man was done with a blank Mugg Blank Box. I cut off his right arm about halfway and replaced it with half of an LED flashlight. I also Used skulpty for his head gear and around his blaster.  Unfortunately the light doesn't work. :( But it was more for the look and originality! I think that also can be seen in the hand painted box!  

The box took about two days off and on to complete.  Its my very first box that I've done in fact even tried to do!  This is an awesome addition to anyones Mighty Mugg collection, especially for those who collect the boxes like myself!  I am selling this Mega Man Custom for $45.00 dollars, box and all!  If you are interested you can always email me at or contact me via screen name is Siddney Customs.

It usually takes a week to a week and a half to complete a commission.  I am usually doing a custom for myself or for a trade,  the next couple post will be directed towards commissioned work.  Before we get to those I have a side project to show you! I'll give you a hint, he wears a mask ;) haha!

What's so Incredible about Hasbro's Hulk?

The last post I left off with a sneak peak at My version of the Incredible hulk! The picture on the far left is Hasbro's Hulk the one on the right Is my version complete with damaged street light!

I found the Hulk at target for roughly 7 dollars. Had to get him, at this time my collection is fairly new and I wanted some Muggs that no one else had, so I figured like me just make my own.  I enjoy the Hulk as a character but again to cute for me, Come on he doesn't even have one muscle on his body?!  Thats what Hulk is famous for his Strength!  So I Figured let's beef this mo-fo up, I used this picture below as my inspiration, badass.
The hair on top of his head was totally random.  You know those glasses that come with eye brows, nose and mustache? Well now you know where I got the hair from!  As for the lamppost I used a straw, cable/headphones wire and a container from the 25 cents machine! haha

In Picture Below you can see two Customs Hellboy and MegaMan.

The Awesome Iron-Clad Lord

DOOM!  The most powerful, the most mysterious monarch in all the world. Guarded by a fighting force that never sleeps, that never relaxes it's vigilance. None as feared. None has as many foes as DOOM- The Awesome Iron-Clad Lord!

I found Doom or should I say Monkey-Man at Five below for five dollars.  At that time I only owned 2 mighty muggs, Mola Ram and the unmasked Darth Vader.  My recent love for Mighty Muggs was set off When I saw Doom and of course I saw him and didn't buy him, then never saw him on the shelf again! haha So I figured I'll make my own and paint over monkey man!  I was origianlly going to paint it just like theirs, but I thought He looked too cartoony/ nice.  So I wanted to make him a little more badass, then I realized he has a skirt on.  I was very very happy with the way he turned out, and quite frankly DOOM made me want to make some more, I came across and it was all down hill from there!  Here are a couple other photos from  My DOOM custom!

I wasn't sure If I should add the eyes.

Doom is Responsible for every Custom that follows!
On to the Hulk!