Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dark Knight: The Joker

This is from my sale customs: I was originally going to sculpt a mask for him to hold, But instead I went with the "flip face" idea- I think I pulled it off nicely, Also added a little playing card, What do you guys think? custom #181

The Man Without Fear

This custom is not so much DARE DEVIL as it is more "The Man Without Fear." The original costume design of this version of DD is credited to Rafael Grampa. I drew out a mockup way back for this.. and never did it until I was totally inspired by seeing toy boys yellow DD. So I finally turned it into a custom and Im pretty happy with the turnout. I like Dare Devil alot, especially the older version.He was a masked vigilantly but for justice . He'd go out and kick Crime/ Evils ass and did he it all blind! Plus when he wasn't fighting he was putting the bad guys behind bars! He worked as a Lawyer in a place called Hell's Kitchen- He totally was the Man Without Fear.. This is custom #180 and he is for sale if anyone is interested let me know~Thanks for looking!

Blackest Night: Batman Mini Mugg

This is a custom I have been wanting to do for awhile, I entered the mockup into the project mayhem 2 contest, The mockup was for a regular size mugg, So Ive made some changes to the mini version. So here is the mock up for comparison! custom #179

Naruto: Kakashi

This is a custom from my sale orders, Kakashi from Naruto, the guy who bought this guy also ordered a Galvatron custom that I am getting ready to start. This is custom # 178

North Carolina: Tarheels Mascot

This was a custom capsule toy I made for my friend as a gift, this is custom #177.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Dragon Ball: Goku

This is Goku from Dragon Ball, this little guy is sculpted with Aves apoxe over a Capsule toy base. This is custom number 176 and he is available for purchase- feel free to email me if you are interested!

Storm Trooper Zombie

Just when the Rebels thought it was safe to blow up the Death Star.. Another order from My latest sale, this is custom #175.

Boba Fett, Dr. Doom, Doc Ock Zombie, Mr. Wink

These are my four latest customs, Dr. Doom #171,  Boba Fett #172, Mr. Wink #173 and Doc Ock Zombie #174. 

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Awesome Iron Clad Lord: Dr. Doom (v2)

The Awesome Iron Clad Lord- DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!
This custom is one of my favorites to date- I've always loved the Dr. Doom Character- He was actually MY first custom I've ever made! 

And then 171 customs later you have this guy! Haha I've come along way since than, Aa you know this custom was made out of a 2010 SDCC Iron Man, this custom was also the winner of Project Mayhem 1 contest, and got 2nd place in the Custom Playground contest! I want to thank everyone who voted for him and for all the comments so far- you guys are great! He is for sale, I figured I would put him for sale here first than to ebay if needed. If your interested please feel free to Pm with any offers, thanks again for looking and the comments in advance, Enjoy! custom #172

Next Custom: Boba Fett (v3)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

My New Website: Custom Playground

Click on the picture above and it will take you directly to my website, you can also find a link at the bottom of my blog labeled My Website!  Amongst working on my sale orders and putting the contest together, I made a little play ground of my own, I have a new site in addition to my blog, the site is operational but, I have yet to purchase my own domain name and activate the store.  Feel free to stop by and check it out, Im pretty excited about it myself!