Tuesday, July 20, 2010


This was a custom I made for the Rocket boy tourney contest on the MMF- He made it to the 2nd round. This guy showcases a ton of features, sculpted skulls,ammo belt spikes..blah blah and so on and so forth! This is my 2nd rendition of spawn, I sold this guy to Dimply _gecko, Just want to say thanks for the purchase and taking interest in my work! This custom marks number 98 on my list! Im closing in on 100 and you better believe im going to make a big deal about that one! Keep checking in so you can be part of the action! Thanks so much ! enjoy!

Next Custom: Afro Samurai MechSuit

Zombie Bizaro [Superman]

The last of the zombies... for now! This is Bizaro Superman as a zombie! This completes the zombie set for my customer Laz- Cyclops, Havok, Martian Man-Hunter and now Bizaro! This gut features sculpted boots, belt, veins, dripping blood and also a tattered cape! I dig the way it turned out but I am said to say I do not have a group picture of them all together, I shipped out the other ones before I made this guy..

Next Custom: SPAWN!!!!!

Afro Samurai Va

This little guy right here is Afro samurai VA (vinyl aggression), from the tv series/movie. I really dig the way this guy came out, some of you might as what is a samurai without his weapon? Well here's the catch his weapon is a mech suit that comes complete with sword and machine gun, muahahaha! The only catch is it's not finished..yet! Thats right this guy fights right into another toy, a Blizz Con Noob to be exact! Look for it in the near future!

Next Custom: ZOMBIE!? Bizaro (superman)

Yukon Cornelius: Rudolph Set

Yukon Cornelius the last of my Rudolph the red nosed reindeer set! This custom was done at the request of my girlfriend, She really loved the movie growing up and really loved all the characters I made so far. She said the set wouldn't be complete without him, so as a gift to her I made him and gave her the whole set, Yukon, Rudolph, Hermey, and Bumble!

Next Custom: Afro Samurai Va

[Sadie] Pet Likeness

This cute little doggie is named Sadie, this is my Gf's Pitbull in mugg form! Isn't she the cutest thing?! I made this for her as a birthday present, she features sculpted paws, tail, ears and snout! I really loved the way this one turned out, it's one of my all time favorites!

Next Custom: Yukon Cornelius

PROWL: Transformers!

This is transformer's very own Prowl! For a long while prowl was a unreleased mighty mugg that never made it past the factory line, but I recently heard he was going to be the SDCC Exclusive.. Along with prowl there was another unreleased TF Mighty mugg ( Ironhide)! I made this guy for a trade with dr.mugg for that very same Ironhide mugg :) Prowl was made with a model car kit, a corvette to be exact! I really dig the way he turned out, brings a whole new level to the transformer muggs, really gives it that car feel! Thanks Dr.Mugg for the trade, glad you liked him!

Next Custom: Pet Personal Likeness [Sadie]