Thursday, March 22, 2012

Cylo, Jonah Hex and Commissioner Gordon

Customs #223-226.  The first custom out of the three is Cylo, Cylo is a mascot for a local minor league baseball team, called the Lancaster Barn stormers (lancaster Pa).  He is a red bull/cow.  The 2nd two were ordered commissions by Dammkidd- He took part of my 2011 Special offer, Order 5 customs in a year and get one free, Jonah hex was his free custom! The other custom is from batman, the Commish! Hope you guys like There is more to come- keep checking back! Thanks for looking.

Next: Whats on the menu? Well I've had several things put on hold that Im starting back up.  Lots of minis with bases and dioramas.  Heavy Metal, Venom, Aliens, Agent Orange, Venus Fly trap and Jorge from the Halo universe.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Mini Mugg Sale 2

These nine customs #215-222 makes the total sid the kid customs hit over 200 customs and counting! 
The characters you see below are Azreal, Azreal Batman, Robin, Metroid, Breaking bad, Baby peach, antman, Freddy Kreuger as willy wonka and a personal likeness mugg made to look like a character from Wizards of waverly place. This project took me much longer than I had orginally expected. I am happy to have this finished So I can take on new projects and finish up some personal things Ive been working on.