Saturday, January 16, 2010

Longshot with Box

Longshot with Box: This was a custom done to order from a fellow forum member, This is only my 3rd attempt at the digital box. So like every mugg I make I do a mockup, once agreed on the mockup by the customer. I start the sculpting as seen in picture 2 then once dry, I prime it with black spray primer. Then I start to block in the main color masses, Then I move onto line work and fine tuning. Over all I'm pretty excited with the final product, I really enjoy the final product when you have a finished custom that fits nicely in a custom box. :)

Next: Jungle Queen and/or WonderWoman

Mortal Kombat: Scorpion

Scorpion: This was for a fellow forum member, Mean Muggin, He had a certain looks he wanted to see, I think I matched it pretty well. I started off with a mock up, then I sculpted his mask and ears, the rest is foam paper. Get over here!

Next Custom: LongShot with Custom Box

Perry the Platypus

Perry: This is a character based off the Disney Tv Show: Perry the Platypus, he is a tough little private investigator. I sculpted His feet and his tail, I used the hat issued from the Indiana Jones mugg. This is the last of my christmas gifts, now onto my Latest trade want a hint? TEST YOUR MIGHT!

Next Custom: Mk: Scorpion

Staley the Bear

Staley: I enjoyed making this custom, besides the fact Im an Eagles Fan and the Bears Sucks! I sculpted the ears, snot and tail. There's not much to say about this one.. On to the last custom christmas gift, this was created for a friend of mines son, Perry the Private Eye.

Next Custom: Perry the Platypus

Snow White

Snow White- This was a custom created only in a matter of hours as a gift for my mommie for christmas. I used craft Foam for her collar and the rest is just paint application. My next custom is also a gift order by my gf for her best friend she is a big Chicago Bears fan. Inspired by Rocketboy's version of Staley, I went with the traditional version of the not so scary bear ;)

Next Custom: Staley the Bear

The Movie 9: #9

Character 9- This custom was made for my older brother as a christmas gift. He's been asking me to make him a custom from this movie. This custom was carefully created using the characters personality. These guys fix and make stuff from things they find just laying around, kinda like me, haha. I made this guy using the zipper from a pair of Dockers, a burlap sack, lids from photo canisters and the staff from the movie issued toy. My next custom is also a christmas gift made for my mommie.

Next Custom: Snow White

The Miss-Adventures of Flap Jack

Flap Jack & Captain Knuckles'- These are my first Non-Mighty Muggs customs, Knuckles is made from a Halo Odd-pod and Flapjack was made out a mini-dunny. If you have never seen this tv show it airs on Cartoon network. Its pretty awesome it reminds me of spongebob meets Ren and stimpy, These were made as christmas gifts for my two nieces, I made a gifts this year including the next custom, from the movie 9.

Next Custom: The Movie Nine-Character 9

WFG: 16 Personal Likeness Muggs

WFG:Well hello everyone, I've received a couple messages about my absence on the forum over the last month, Thank you for your concern AND interest. Im okay, Just busy at work, The pictures you are about to see are personal likeness muggs, I guess you could say I was doing a favor for some good friends. Unfortunately I can not post the pictures that I used for reference at the request of the company, but I am allowed to share what I've been working on for the last month straight. I must admit they can drive you to the point of absolute boredom but also it was kinda fun seeing them assemble into a little army, Im definitely not envious of the other 75 the malos have to due haha. I would also like to say thank you to the malo's for giving me the opportunity and the chance to work along side with them! I <3>

Next Custom: The Miss-Adventures of FlapJAck