Sunday, January 30, 2011

G.I. JOE : Cobra Mechsuit

Welcome one and all, this custom has been a working progress for several months now, I started this guy maybe 4 or 5 months ago and had to put him to the side to work on other things.  I finally got a chance to put some more man hours in, and now I am finished! This guy was made for my own personal enjoyment, I had an extra mugg body laying around and was trying to think of something to make with it, I originally got the mechsuit idea from Yabemc. In addition to collecting vinyl toys, I also like to collect and build legos, the pilot of the mech suit is none other than Cobra Commander him self, he used to be a starwars snow trooper :) This mech suit features two different modes, It has the standard street Viper mode and the Fire Viper mode.  The street Viper mode is a standard mechsuit with Blaster Cannon, while the Fire Viper mode has a bullet proof fire resistant cock-pit complete with flame thrower and jetpack. But when it comes down to you can mix and match which ever way you choose, the pictures below show some of the options you can choose from! Also the pilot isnt removable but his mask is, I would love to show you whats underneath but only the person who purchases it will find that out ;) This guy is for sale, if any one is interested feel free to email me! Now onto the pictures and thanks for looking! Almost forgot this is custom #156 which is signified on his chest-Enjoy!

This first picture shows, Blaster Cannon, Flame Thrower, dome cockpit and Jetpack.

Street Viper Mode:

Fire Viper Mode:

Use Both Blaster Cannon and Flame thrower For TWICE the Damage!

Your Choice Helmet (dome cock-pit) on or off!

The back pack is removable and also has a tank where the flame thrower cord attaches into!

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ash: Army of Darkness

This character has been on my list for a long time now, and my recent revelation of mini-muggs and other small vinyls, gave me a great chance to work on this character, Ash from Army of Darkness. I've also been waiting to make a custom that would give me a chance to incorporate magnets into the custom, and Ash's removable chainsaw was a perfect fit. So yes the mini chainsaw is fully detachable and is magnetic. Also Included on this custom are real leather straps and a gun sheath made out of felt. I really enjoyed working on the character itself and it also gave me a good excuse to watch the movie a couple times over, haha. Someone said it would be cool to make a base for him, So I used the poster art for my inspiration on the base he stands on. The base is a mound of dirt, with skeleton pieces resting in a pile then behind them is his car that he's stands on in the poster. Im very pleased with how everything came together and turned out in the end, I hope you guys like him too! This guy is also available for purchase, if anyone is interested just send me a email. Thanks in advance! Custom #155


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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Transformers: Sound Wave

This is a mini Sound Wave, custom number #153- that has a working speaker- you can plug this guy into anything that has a sound jack- He's tiny and fits in your pocket so you can take him anywhere you wanna listen to music- He's even battery free! All you need to do is charge him thru a usb outlet and your good to go, hook him to your Ipad, Ipod, Iphone, smart phones, cd players, walk mans, laptops, you name it! I've used him quite a bit already the sound is incredible for how small the figure is! Talk about a conversation piece- he is a portable speaker and a custom toy! So here are some picture of him, I also uploaded a video, so you can get a better Idea of the kind of sound this guy puts out! This was for sale but has already been purchased. Thanks for looking!

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Merry Miniatures Wave 4: All Mini-Muggs

This is wave four, the final wave from the Merry Miniatures sale, held in december. This wave took a little longer than I had hope, I had gotten sick thru out this process and it really put a damper on my productivity. Anywho this wave is all Mini Mighty Muggs and the characters are, Antman, Brainy Smurf and Kratos.  The first two were custom orders and the Mini Kratos was done for my own pleasure, its available for sale of $55. Feel free to contact me if interested I will be posting some newer customs on ebay as well!  Customs # 150, 151, 152 collectively.

Next Custom: Mini Sound Wave with Working Speaker!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Transformers: Arcee

If you can remember back in september I had a sale- This was part of that $50 sale, your thinking wow he took forever to finish this one, haha well yeah I did, but thats only because Laz said I could take my time on this custom and a year later, literally a year later since its 2011  Happy New Years everybody! Anywho this is Arcee from transformers complete with custom pistol. Her back pack is made from a skirt mugg, cut in half than split open- Thought I would keep it muggish, I hope you guys like it and I hope you like it as well Laz- I am very happy with the turn out, Im a big transformers fan so I had a blast working on this one! Let me know what you guys think! Custom #149

In other Transformers news- I have a Mini Soundwave with working speaker that you plug into almost anything! Its almost done a couple more days! I got lots of minis on the way too.. Antman, Kratos, Brainy smurf and Frank (donnie darko)
Next Custom: Poison Ivy- Mighty Mugg or Maybe a Mini!?