Monday, October 12, 2009

The Maxx

This is from Image comics, the character is The Maxx. I sculpted the teeth, claws, muscles, and the boots. This was done at the request of a fellow forum member, Fuller. When I first joined the Forum I could see right off the bat that fuller produced outstanding work, So I figured I'd asked him for a trade. So almost 2 months later we exchanged the custom Ideas and he presented me with the Maxx, I was excited I had already wanted to make a Maxx of my own and In return Fuller is going to make me a wolverine Custom, I gave fuller the SDCC Wolverine To custom, so that bad-boy is gonna have retractable claws! Fuller didn't want to see any progress pictures, he'd rather be surprised. His response to the final product... "WOW! Sid, I knew your style would be perfect for Maxx! You did an amazing job on the sclupting. I was curious of how the teeth would look on a mugg but you pulled it off perfectly. Thanks so much for this and your Wolverine will be coming up soon!"

Next custom: Yoda