Saturday, April 17, 2010

Blackest Night: Star Sapphire & Scarecrow

Here are two customs from the blackest night series, Scarecrow & Star Sapphire. These two customs are for Rocketboy and in return he is giving me That Sweet BANE and His Arch Angel custom! I think I'm making out like a bandit! So originally I was suppose to be making Rocket a Poison Ivy, and one day I was showing him a mockup for BN scarecrow that I was going to do for myself... and to make a long story short here he is! This guy was made with a combination of sculpt and foam.. Rocket really like the idea of having rings giving off energy.. So there is a heart shape for compassion and then a crow/vulture on scarecrows for fear... Any who I HOPE YOU LIKE HIM!!

Next Custom: Bumble