Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Marvel Zombie Collaboration!

This was a collaboration that was put together by yours truly! Featuring 3 artist from the website www.mightymuggsforum.com- Siddney Customs(me), Gooeychicken, and Chard5000! This was a set of three characters from the marvel zombie universe! I made the spidey, chard made the Moonknight and Gooey made the Magneto! Each customs has something unique about it and each custom also comes with a custom box!(All box art was done by me :)! ) We'll start with the zombie spidey, this guy features a removable bone with hunk of meat and also a detachable arm for all your zombie pleasures! The Moon Knight features a removable cape & cowl! Gooey's Magneto features a tattered cape and removable helmet for gooey-brainy-goodness! It was a pleasure working with these two guys, two great artist and two great people! This set is for sale if any one is interested in taking it home! Just contact me and thanks for looking!

Next Custom: The "not-so" Dark Knight