Friday, September 10, 2010


So it's September and my brothers birthday is on the 9th -and- of course I have no idea what to get him, plus I waited till the day before to pick something.  I was going to give him a Hasbro mugg,  but thought he would enjoy a custom one more.  So I've been really diggin He-man and the masters of the universe lately.  I had about 24 hours to complete his custom/gift.  I decided not to sculpt anything on the mugg itself, to save some time on completing the custom, but I did sculpt the sword.  I also made his boots and loin cloth out of felt.  So I began with black primer.

Base Coats. This step usually takes a while, I have to repeat this step about 3 or 4 times to get the paint nice and smooth. As you can see in pictures two and three. I still have 2 more coats to go, but thats where I am currently. 

The next step I usually lay the character out, and put down lines to fill in base coats with.

The next step is to fill in over top the base coats working in color and details.

Finally I clean up all the remaining smudges or smears, final details and added the felt.  The last thing to do is take final pictures and send it off! Thats how I made my 24 hour custom. :) Happy birthday bro-ski!

Next Custom: Cookie Monster!