Thursday, September 16, 2010

Project Mayhem: Dr. Doom [Contest Winner]

Project Mayhem was a contest held by Screamt111 (custom x) it is a Showdown for Mockups.

The contest was held much like a Rocketboy Tourney in that there will be brackets and rounds. Every person is allowed to enter TWO Mockups. (Yes this means one of your mockups could go up against another of your own, the possibilities are endless.) Mockups can be hand drawn, painted, photoshop, fingerpaint, stick figures, any media you like. All are welcome to sign up for this contest. Artwork must be yours, no copying from an old post or from hasbro and calling it yours. Can be any characters from anything.

The prize like in the Showdowns is you get bragging rights and a banner that says you won the first ever PROJECT MAYHEM award. As a special award i will also mail the winner a Mighty Mugg so they can transform their mockup into a Mugg. 
Some of the contestants included Custom X, Irulan, Pikey, VNR, Bloodyprince, Gooeychicken, potishen, Grapetang, ShinsoMuggs, Toyboy, JAsonTeck, Dr. Mugg and Myself.  The contest was four rounds. There was plenty of great work and some stiff competition! But in the end there can only be one winner and that was The Awesome Iron Clad Lord, DOOM!

This was my entry to the contest, Dr. Doom Unmasked! Doom has always been one of my favorite characters, mad villainy!! Muahahaha My idea came when I was looking for a custom to make out of the new SDCC 2010 Ironman Flip face mugg. Then suddenly it came to me, DOOOMM!! MY very first custom I ever Made was a Dr. Doom So I figured it was about time I did another rendition of him a year later! So As the winner of the contest I was awarded a mugg and I just received my Banner to put in my Signature on the MMF, check it out! 

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