Monday, September 27, 2010


This is everyones favorite Spiderman villain, Venom! This was done for a forum member, Bakes.  This was made as part of my $50 custom sale!  This is my 2nd completed custom from the sale orders, I have several others started.  Sculpted, primed and ready for painting those five are: Mara Jade, Yoda Likeness, Leia, Punisher noir and Metal Alchemist!  Im currently working on finishing off the other orders to the same level so I have everyones order on the same stage! I will make sure to take progress pictures of all the customs together.  I was also left a comment on the board about how my mockups translate really well, when it comes to bringing it into a three dimensional custom.  I try to keep my custom as similar to the mock up through each stage of sculpting, color and details (layout too of course). I think you will be able to see that in the next couple customs I post! Thanks for looking! 

Next Custom: MORE $50 SALE CUSTOMS!!