Thursday, February 24, 2011

Probe Droid

Hello everyone! This might look familiar, a mockup submission in the 1st Project Mayhem contest! My Dr. Doom went up against the probe droid mockup made by Dr. Mugg. As you once saw before I painted a sculpted mugg by Dr. Mugg which was Old snake from metal gear solid- Now I'm doing it again- I received this guy with the mugg head attached to the droid body, and I painted the rest and the base is also made by Dr. Mugg ( same base I used for my Boba Fett!) Now you also will notice that my version of the probe droid doesn't look quite like the Doc's mockup- I made it my own! It seems only fitting to post this custom now that Project Mayhem is back for the 2nd contest! I Hope you guys like it-this is custom number 164. 

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