Monday, March 21, 2011

Eastman & Laird's TMNT: Leonardo

This is Leo from Eastman and Laird's original TMNT comic. This set will be based off the original design of the character, featuring all red bandanas and brown pads- Classic TMNT! All sculpt work and paint application will be done by yours truly and the weapons were all hand crafted by the one and only Dr. Mugg! This is the first of the four turtles, Leo, Donnie, Mikie and Raph- Each character will have their own unique hand crafted weapon. This set will be for sale once all four are completed! This original was going to be my entry to the rocket tourney- than I displayed part of it here on the forum so now I need to make a new custom for my contest, Blast! Hope you like him- Im really happy with the turn out of this one! This is custom #168

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