Friday, August 5, 2011

Wolverine: Weapon-X [Battle Damaged]

This is a custom I made purely for my own self enjoyment, This guy embodies everything I think of When I think of Wolverine, Big, hairy, Gnarly teeth, torn costume, blood, cuts, missing flesh, animantium skeleton- all that. I like to title this piece, Man, Beast or Machine? I did tons of work on this guy, put holes in this guy so you can se thru to the other side, installed a working light for the eye, animantium bone structure in the leg and arm. Really love this guy :) this is custom number 192!  :)

I thought I would add a couple other Wolverine Customs I did to this blog, I kinda like them all :) 
Next Custom: The last Sale order, Finally! :) Orgazmo!