Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sid the Kid in 2012

The year is 2012 and Ive neglected my blogger, sniff sniff! Oh well Im back and I hope the stuff you see this year from me is even better than the last, I ushered in 2012 with My mini mugg sale Numero Dos! Sid the kid has put out 226 customs varying in all shapes sizes and character choices! I currently have 11 customs in the works. The first of the bunch you will see is Jorge from the Halo Reach universe, this custom was part of my 2011 means FREE STUFF Promo a custom that is being made for free in appreciation of a returning customer who ordered over 5 customs in the year 2011! Then 3 current Orders and the rest are all customs that will be created for my own personal enjoyment but will be available for purchase! In the year 2012 I hope to improve my Sculpting skills and the overall quality of my work that will go hand-in-hand with the satisfaction of my customers! I would like to thank everyone who has ordered, commented on my work and to those who have yet to order, but are definitely thinking about it! Also keep an eye out for some of my artwork on ebay!

Current Orders:

1. Jorge: Halo Reach #230
2. Brother Boar Predator #231
3. Hot Rod mini #232

I plan on doing some things a little differently than I have in the past, Im going to include ink drawing to color mockup, to sculpt stages, base coat and than various progress pictures up to the finished product. Here are three current orders in mockup form, when each custom is finished the new post will show the complete process. For now this all you get. ;)

These pics are just for fun :)

My Marvel Zombies set ( Hulk Spiderman Wolverine) available for purchase!

Whats Next? 

Venom Mini (WIP) #228