Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Awesome Iron-Clad Lord

DOOM!  The most powerful, the most mysterious monarch in all the world. Guarded by a fighting force that never sleeps, that never relaxes it's vigilance. None as feared. None has as many foes as DOOM- The Awesome Iron-Clad Lord!

I found Doom or should I say Monkey-Man at Five below for five dollars.  At that time I only owned 2 mighty muggs, Mola Ram and the unmasked Darth Vader.  My recent love for Mighty Muggs was set off When I saw Doom and of course I saw him and didn't buy him, then never saw him on the shelf again! haha So I figured I'll make my own and paint over monkey man!  I was origianlly going to paint it just like theirs, but I thought He looked too cartoony/ nice.  So I wanted to make him a little more badass, then I realized he has a skirt on.  I was very very happy with the way he turned out, and quite frankly DOOM made me want to make some more, I came across and it was all down hill from there!  Here are a couple other photos from  My DOOM custom!

I wasn't sure If I should add the eyes.

Doom is Responsible for every Custom that follows!
On to the Hulk!