Thursday, July 30, 2009

What's so Incredible about Hasbro's Hulk?

The last post I left off with a sneak peak at My version of the Incredible hulk! The picture on the far left is Hasbro's Hulk the one on the right Is my version complete with damaged street light!

I found the Hulk at target for roughly 7 dollars. Had to get him, at this time my collection is fairly new and I wanted some Muggs that no one else had, so I figured like me just make my own.  I enjoy the Hulk as a character but again to cute for me, Come on he doesn't even have one muscle on his body?!  Thats what Hulk is famous for his Strength!  So I Figured let's beef this mo-fo up, I used this picture below as my inspiration, badass.
The hair on top of his head was totally random.  You know those glasses that come with eye brows, nose and mustache? Well now you know where I got the hair from!  As for the lamppost I used a straw, cable/headphones wire and a container from the 25 cents machine! haha

In Picture Below you can see two Customs Hellboy and MegaMan.