Thursday, July 30, 2009

Gambit's Card Trick!

This is another Commissioned work, that was also a tag team contest entry on a last minute decision! See here's the story it just so happened that Pikey was in the Contest and his partner backed out.  And the rest I guess is just luck or fate, He was making juggernaut and I was working on Gambit, Similar field. Why not team up!? We might had this one in the bag if It wasn't for the stiff competition! Everyone had great ideas and awesome work! Voting is running until Monday August 3rd, so there's time to vote for us, Marko and LeBeau: Eleventh Hour Associates!  He is an awesome Mugger and the best teammate! Looking forward to working along side him again! Take a Look at our entry picture!   He also created the logo and the photo entry!

Now a little about Gambit and his card trick!  On this Mugg I started with a Han solo repaint! If you noticed the feet are the same ;) muahahaha!  Anyway I took some step by step photos of the layering process Starting off with the first coat to the last!

And for My last trick Check out the Final product and His Cards( made out of real playing cards!)  Cards are posable and removable!  This Mighty Mugg is now part of the collection of Laz69frog!