Thursday, August 26, 2010

Evil Super Woman: Crisis On Two Earths

This was a character from Justice League: Crisis on two Earths, her name is EVIL super woman! In the cartoon she is as tough as nails and quite the flirt.  She actually kicks batman's keister real good in the cartoon.  The movie was awesome, and in the movie there is a group of alertnate/evil super heroes called the Crime Syndicate. The group includes evil versions of wonderwoman, flash, superman, green lantern and batman.  This custom is part of a set for a good buddy of mine Laz, He also hired other customizers to help make the set (in order of the characters listed) Me, Gooey chicken, Matcandraw, Dr. Mugg and Irulan.  Im real excited to see all the characters together once finished.  On a side note I entered this mockup into the Project Mayhem Contest on the MMF, it didn't last very long But in addition to this mockup, I also entered a Dr. Doom unmasked mockup that features the new SDCC Flip face iron man Mugg. That mockup is still in the contest , its now in the third round down to only four contestants! Check it out and if you like it vote for it! 

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