Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Afro Samurai (Va) & Mechsuit (Noob)

This guy has been in the works for awhile, I've been back and forth on this guy in between commissions. I decided to finally finish this guy up before I start my customs for my previous $50 sale! I have a couple more I would like to finish before I start the next couple sale commissions. All of them will be put up for sale on this site, even this guy you can find him labeled -For Sale (Link at top of the page)! This guy features a Vinyl Agression: Afro Samurai & a Blizz Con Noob: Mech suit! He has detachable/removable sword and machine gun. Also the driver fits snugg in the cock pit as his banner blows in the wind behind him! I hope you guys like him!

Next Custom: Cookie Monster

Also I'm waiting to post a thread about the Latest contest I was in, called "Project Mayhem" (Mockup Contest) I came in first place! As a Prize I am receiving a Mighty Mugg to customize and banner to rep my set! haha I will post as soon as I get the banner and post my mock up that won first place!