Monday, September 6, 2010

Mockups for the $50 Custom Sale

These next 13 images are all inked mockups, the line or base work for my mockups.  There is quite a variety of characters to choose from in the thirteen orders I received during my one week sale! You can see Arcee from Transformers, a group of Star Wars characters, to Spiderman villains, Computer/video game characters, Lord of the Rings and even a Cookie Monster!  Im really excited to both- finish up the color mockups and start work on the Muggs themselves. As you can see the last mockup was brought to full color- I'm currently finishing up the painting process of the custom- the first of the sale commissions almost complete! Also I decided to spice up my banner for my local Mighty Muggs Forum- Check it out!

Here is a slightly revamped banner I have for my Signature over at the MMF- I added in my new logo and mighty muggs logo, also I took the idea of the mockups from my sale poster and added a few more to showcase some of my favorite pieces!