Sunday, December 5, 2010

Ghost Rider

Do you guys remember the time where Ghost Rider was a Ghost with a flaming skull, who wielded a chain and rode a a flaming motorcycle, talk about badass?!
Then they ruined him with possibly the worst movie of all time!? Its up there with Daredevil- Casting in both movies HORRIBLE!? I will forever hate you NICK CAGE AND I WILL FOREVER HATE YOU BEN AFLALACK ?! For ruining two of my childhood favorite comic book characters! Anyway- This is my attempt to bring back the badassness of Ghost Rider- this custom features sculpted boots, spikes jacket, skull & flames. This custom was made for my own personal enjoyment- I've been wanting to make one for awhile and make Ghost rider the way I remembered him. enjoy! (this is custom is available for purchase of $75.00) This was custom number 136!

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