Friday, December 3, 2010

Merry Miniatures Sale!

For one week only I am having a custom sale where you can get either a custom Dunny or Capsule toy, with minimal sculpt, free shipping in the USA for only $35.00! Now this sale last for one week only and there will only be seven spots (I will also be posting this on the MMF)- So the spots might fill up fast! Thanks to everyone who participated in my past sale and to those who choose to take part in this one Feel free to email me ( or comment on this thread if you are interested!

1. Mhpgear1-dunny-Carnage (paid)
2. frogman Customs-capsules- jack skellinton & friend (paid)
3. Bakes-Dunny-storm trooper
4. Josh (non-forum)-capsule-cookie monster (paid)
5. Mellowmutt- dunny- Dr. Doom (paid)
6.TheStarDXR- Minimugg- Antman
7.IYG- Minimugg- Brainy Smurf (paid)