Friday, December 3, 2010


This is indeed a flip-face Metroid custom! this was ordered by a non-forum member, he actually ordered twice from my sale (Metroid & Full Metal Alchemist) Im almost threw with all my sale orders, all I have left is Arcee! Some future customs you should expect to see: Carol (crazylikeafox) Claire redfield (TOMuggs) Dazzler, poison Ivy (laz) Warmachine, kratos-mini, cobra mechsuit, ghost rider (personal interest) Oh and Brock Samson (evjones) So I have plenty to keep me busy! Anywho I also took a picture with three video game characters I've tackled- Snake, Earthworm Jim and custom number 135, Samus! Hope you guys like her, I had a blast making it! 

Next Custom: Dazzler (x-men)