Thursday, July 30, 2009

MEGA MAN: Complete with Box!

This Mega man was done with a blank Mugg Blank Box. I cut off his right arm about halfway and replaced it with half of an LED flashlight. I also Used skulpty for his head gear and around his blaster.  Unfortunately the light doesn't work. :( But it was more for the look and originality! I think that also can be seen in the hand painted box!  

The box took about two days off and on to complete.  Its my very first box that I've done in fact even tried to do!  This is an awesome addition to anyones Mighty Mugg collection, especially for those who collect the boxes like myself!  I am selling this Mega Man Custom for $45.00 dollars, box and all!  If you are interested you can always email me at or contact me via screen name is Siddney Customs.

It usually takes a week to a week and a half to complete a commission.  I am usually doing a custom for myself or for a trade,  the next couple post will be directed towards commissioned work.  Before we get to those I have a side project to show you! I'll give you a hint, he wears a mask ;) haha!