Thursday, July 30, 2009

Watchmen. The Rorschach Test

My next post was inspired by the Movie WATCHMEN.
If you cant tell from the title alone, the Character I chose to portray was Walter Kovacs also know as Rorschach.  In the picture to the left you see Rorschach unmasked with a handie little flash light. You can also see he's a little banged up!  I notice in the movie, besides the fact that he is a total badass, that his identity was key.  None of his friends even knew what he looked like under that mask.  I also saw that their were several Rorschach mighty muggs done already so How could I make mine different?  First none of the other ones portrayed him as Walter and none of them made his mask removable :) Muahahahahaha!  I aslo stole the Indiana Jones hat and gave it to him.  

I made His mask out of an ankle sock, that I cut in half and then sowed together.  I also made another as well, with a different ink blot face on it for a little variety!
This custom is also for sale!  Now onto some Commissions, to be specific my very first Commission, a Colossus one at that!