Thursday, August 26, 2010

100th Custom: The choice is yours!!

       Awhile back in preperation for my 100th custom, I started a thread on the that called upon members to come up with ideas of characters they might like to see customized for my 100th custom. Out of all the ideas, only five would be chosen, Mock ups for each of the five characters would be made.  Than out of those five characters the forum members would vote to see which one would be brought to life and customized into a Mighty Mugg. The poll ran for about a week, with a total of 43 voters, it was a neck and neck race mainly between two of the characters:

         It was a close one but in the end Lobo sneaked away with the victory, here are the five pencil mockups of the characters.  Lobo's mockup will be brought to a color finished before the actual mighty mugg is started.

        As some/most of you may know This project was sidelined due to my health issues (cancer/surgery) So I was forced to put this project on the back burner, but now that I have regained my strength and have been feeling better each day, I am excited to start on my colored mockup followed by the creation of custom 100! The only thing is, it is no longer custom 100 I have since then completed four other customs ...So Lobo would now be custom 104! Either way I am excited to have surpassed the 100 mark in just one year since I joined the forum and started customizing vinyl toys. I want to also extend thanks to everyone who participated in this little project of mine and to remind Chard 5000, VNR, & Gooey Chicken that you all will receive copies of the mockup of your submitted character! I will update this post with the colored Mockup of Lobo once he is complete! ( I will also post it on the mockup page, the link can be found at the top of this site.)